“Ground Force Worldwide worked with Dr. Ketchum to implement the SOJT Trainer System to improve our ability to train new employees and cross train current employees.  We found an improvement in our training effectiveness during a period of rapid growth.

Ron Nilson, President
Ground Force Worldwide

“Paradigm’s OJT program is one of the most ingenious training tools available.  It’s hard to believe something so simple and fun can be so effective for developing trainers.”

Kevin Tatham, Director Training and Quality Management
Chicago Finished Metals

“Only through the experiential learning techniques that Paradigm uses can a trainer truly understand how ‘error-free learning’ is possible and attainable.”

Carol Bebb, Training Specialist
UOP, a division of Allied Signal

"I just finished your customized Train-the-Trainer course and found the materials and techniques in your error-free learning method to be extremely valuable. I was also impressed with your flexibility to meet the needs of the class, and I know I will find it easy to employ your simple step-by-step methods to provide OJT instruction."

Dennis O'Neill,
Quality Program Manager United States Mint

"I know that the instructional techniques I learned in your excellent course will be invaluable when I teach my students in the United States. Sehr gut!"

Manfred Theuer,
Senior Field Service Technician Mechanic Schuler Pressen, Grappen, Germany

"My colleagues have commented that your One-to-One Skills Training Program is the best they have seen. We are implementing your program at all six of our Technical Colleges throughout the State of Idaho.”

Margaret A. Phelps, Director,
Idaho State University, School of Applied Technology

“The four-day session was great.  It reinforced the things I was doing right and gave me the opportunity to identify and correct my deficiencies.  I felt confident that I would pass the CTT tests and I did.  Bravo Zulu!”

George Mickus, Staff Training Specialist
Network Equipment Technologies

“The OJT course was the keystone for the training program.  Your OJT program stands head and shoulders above the old one we used.”

Gary Henderson, Training Manager
Wesley Jessen

“I wanted to tell you how pleased we were with the CTT preparation workshop you conducted for us…that accomplished every objective that we had identified for our workshop.”

H. Glenn Renick, National Operations Manager
Wave Technologies International, Inc.

“Paradigm’s OJT program successfully prepared subject matter experts to deliver in-depth software and business practices training to our departmental colleagues and supervisors.”

Jamie C. Smith, Ed.D., Oracle Applications I D Specialist
Videojet Systems International

“In the retail industry everybody dreads ‘another training class.’  But I walked away from the OJT class with more than I could have imagined.  I gained extensive knowledge about preparing and organizing before my teaching, and I know my actual teaching skill improved tenfold.  It is amazing how I can apply these new skills to everything from customer service to operations training.  And to top it off, the class was fun.”

Charlie Carrol, Field Manager
Amoco Oil Corporation

"Paradigm’s OJT system is simply the best!  This programme provides experiences that cannot be compared with any other that I have encountered in the instructor training business.  The workshop conducted for our University has left an indelible mark.  Great system!"

Halden A. Morris, Ph.D.
University of the West Indies, Jamaica



Client - Amoco is one of the world's largest oil companies, operating in 100 countries on six continents, and is ranked as one of the top three companies in terms of oil reserves. It operates 15,500 service stations in the United States, and 11,500 throughout the rest of the world.

Training Situation - Amoco had begun to open a new type of service station in North America which offered hot foods and which were named "Split Second" stations. Our client was faced with the need to provide a mentoring program that would enable them to provide on-the-job training to new Facility Managers and their employees. The new Facility Managers were to be trained on over 300 job tasks, and the Facility Managers would then train their employees on over 200 job tasks.

Training Solution - Paradigm trained a contractor to deliver the OJT Instructor Training System. The contractor, Total Training Solutions, delivered the Amoco OJT Mentor course to Facility Managers, Market Managers, and Division Managers. Over 175 managers were trained to be certified OJT Mentors.

Benefits - As a result of implementing Paradigm's OJT system, Amoco has over 175 qualified mentors to train new Facility Managers on the job, where they could in turn immediately apply their learning. The Facility Managers, in turn, have trained hundreds of employees, ensuring error-free learning by providing detailed instruction, "chunking" information for ease of learning and retention, and measuring results. Through the efforts of their well-trained employees, Amoco could consistently provide the quality standard of service expected by their customers. Unfortunately, Amoco was purchased by British Petroleum.

Medical Products Company

Client - The company manufactures and markets disposable and niche medical products to hospital emergency rooms, intensive care units, burn units, respiratory therapy units, and both hospital and outpatient surgical centers. Products include disposable surgical masks, catheters, lavage systems, bowel management systems, surgical feeding units, feeding tubes, surgical scrub solutions, and the like.

Training Situation - Based in Utah, the company opened a new plant in Pocatello, Idaho. Ideally, a number of content experts from Utah would move to Pocatello to train the new supervisors and employees in Utah. Unfortunately, only two content experts chose to do so, so the necessary training was not possible. The company had to find a way to train employees to perform the work under clean-room conditions correctly, efficiently, and to continue to meet national medical standards.

Training Solution - The company needed to begin training lead workers and supervisors on their own skills and knowledge and then have them train employees to meet product quality standards within four months. The company partnered with Idaho State University to obtain State work-force developmental funds. The ISU School of Applied Technology searched the web for OJT programs that would meet the company's needs and selected Paradigm Training Systems. Paradigm delivered the initial train-the-trainer course that taught ten supervisors and lead workers to become OJT trainers, plus a trainer from ISU who then became the OJT instructor trainer during the life of the contract.

Benefits - As a result of implementing Paradigm's OJT system, nineteen lead workers and supervisors became OJT trainers. They in turn trained 350 employees, and the initial requirement of meeting quality standards within four months was actually meet in only three weeks.

Honeywell Inc.

Client - Honeywell is one of the premier industrial automation & control electronics firms, and our client, the Commercial Flight Systems Group, is a world leader in manufacturing ground and air electronics systems.

Training Situation - The group designs and develops custom systems in stand-alone modules. A completely new OJT program was required to ensure that new hires, upgrades and cross trainees were trained to work with 100% accuracy. The company had recently become ISO certified and was intent on having a comprehensive performance evaluation and documentation system.

Training Solution - Paradigm provided two OJT systems for the plants in Phoenix and Long Beach, and a third system for the Southwest Regional Training Center in Phoenix. Nine trainers and managers participated in the train-the-trainer course for these three locations, and six participants were certified to teach the OJT Trainer Course.

Benefits - As a result of implementing Paradigm's OJT system, more than forty line supervisors became certified OJT trainers. These, in turn, trained several hundred employees to perform in an error-free manner at the two plants and to maintain the highest quality standards. In addition, the ISO requirements for complete documentation of trained employees were fully met.

Major Airline

Client - One of the world's largest airlines, based in the United States, which flies billions of passenger miles every year to 140 destinations in 26 countries and two territories.

Training Situation - Our client had begun an International Accounting Project to install new accounting software and accounting processes at central locations around the world. All offices were to begin using the new system at approximately the same time. They had the need to train a large number of international employees for the initial software installment in 26 countries, and then continue to train additional accountants over time.

Training Solution - Paradigm trained twelve lead accountants and managers to be OJT instructor trainers. These new trainers then began teaching at the 26 training locations around the world. Most training was conducted one-on-one, and when convenient, small classes of four were taught.

Benefits - As a result of implementing Paradigm's OJT system, approximately 250 accountants were prepared to use the new international accounting system, consisting of general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable. The initial effort prepared all 26 countries to use the new system immediately, and training of additional employees continued for two more years to ensure that all were well qualified and able to perform without error.

Moore Business Forms

Client - Moore Business Forms is headquartered in Canada with 12 printing plants in North America. They print a variety of products ranging from government bonds using exotic paper, to business forms multi-forms and envelopes, to magazines, to mailed loose advertisements. The printing plants were ISO 9002 certified.

Training Situation - The employee base was approaching retirement in many of the plants, and the operators and maintenance positions would need to be replaced. One-on-one instruction by the lead workers was the only possible training mode because much of the machine documentation was outdated or missing, and because specialization of the plants prevented general classroom courses for the many of the critical tasks.

Training Solution - Moore purchased 13 OJT systems from Paradigm to provide one for each plant and another at the research center in New York. A train-the-trainer course in Canada taught 24 plant supervisors to be OJT instructor-trainers. A customized performance testing system using Paradigm's proprietary Show-Tell format was devised to support the ISO requirements and to facilitate upgrade training.

Benefits - Moore established OJT programs at each plant and trained dozens of OJT trainers who in turn trained and upgraded several hundred press operators and maintenance workers during the first year. This program continues to train and upgrade employees and has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in waste.


Client - UOP is a subsidiary, formed when Allied Signal and Union Carbide combined. A petrochemical company, it offers products, processes and services worldwide, including R&D, engineering, technical services, manufacturing, process technology, molecular sieves and adsorbents, catalysts, specialty chemicals, process plants and equipment.

Training Situation - The Pilot Plant Skills Center (PPSC) at UOP was faced with high turnover because of the worldwide demand for the unique skills found there. In addition, due to the nature of shift work, they found themselves in a situation where all the "expertise" was localized on one shift and not spread evenly among all employees, causing a gap in the skill and knowledge base among operators and technicians. And, replacements needed to be brought up to speed quickly.

Training Solution - After an initial assessment, it was determined OJT was the most effective and expeditions solutions since 90% of what people needed to know and do was specific to their jobs. Also, since technology was moving at such a rapid pace, the PPSC needed a solution that would work quickly. UOP decided to implement Paradigms OJT program for approximately 50 operations employees spread out on all shifts. Engineering managers would become the new OJT trainers.

Benefits - The new OJT program was deemed very successful. The specific engineering expertise was provided across the shifts, and the program created uniformity and consistency in skill development and competencies that are critical to technical organizations. In addition, the employees were able to perform up to standard immediately when they returned to their jobs. The OJT program was continued and expanded to include non-engineering employees after the first year.


Client - Videojet manufactures industrial-grade non-contact inkjet printers used for marking products and shipping containers and mail marking and handling equipment for the US and foreign postal services. They also manufacture a line of printers used to create customized mailings and to address catalogs.

Training Situation - Seventy members of the software end-user community needed to become coaches for approximately 750 department members, peers and managers. The software comprised a full suite of Oracle manufacturing, financial, and project accounting applications covering about 2,000 business procedures. Each coach was responsible for a range of up to 350 procedures that all went live on the same day. Each coach also had to serve as the first line of help for the group of people they trained.

Training Solution - Paradigm, in collaboration with Videojet's Oracle Training Team, devised a customized 3-day train-the-coach course to train the 70 coaches in ten classes. This was delivered over a 5-week period prior to beginning training of the end user community at large.

Benefits - As a result of implementing Paradigm's OJT system, the end-users were trained with a minimum disruption of work or demand for extra classroom and computing resources. Training was universally rated the most successful part of the software implementation project. The coaches served effectively as the first-line help desk for their units to such an extent that during the first two weeks after going live, there were zero calls to the existing help desk regarding business procedures. All inquiries were handled by the coaches with some very minor assistance from two members of the Oracle Training Team.



Client - Wesley-Jessen, now a part of CIBA Vision, is the world leader in the development, production and marketing of specialty contact lenses. The Des Plaines (Illinois) Facility is the flagship plant, with eight production and packaging lines capable of producing hundreds of disposable lenses per minute, plus a distribution center shipping many thousands of orders per day. A Class C medical device manufacturer, W-J exists in a FDA regulated environment.

Training Situation - The technology used on the manufacturing lines ranges from tools used in manual processes to highly automated, customized, electro-pneumatic equipment. The success of new products led to rapid growth requiring the rapid assimilation and training of large groups of new workers. Also, regulatory demands specified thorough, consistent and accurate documentation and accountability for all production. Our client had purchased OJT materials from another vendor and after had one year, found it unable to meet their needs.

Training Solution
- Paradigm devised a customized 3-day One-to-One Skills Training course, which is used as a cornerstone of the training curriculum for all manufacturing department employees, and is now integrated into WJ's pay-for-skill program. Certification requires that OJT trainers demonstrate their new skills and knowledge by producing a task analysis and a lesson plan, and by conducting a lesson using the OJT model. The course is delivered on a quarterly and semi-quarterly basis to groups of 9-12 lead employees.

Benefits - WJ has a cadre of trained instructors that conduct quality OJT with fellow employees on-the-job effectively and efficiently. Supervisors now rely on their trainers to build training plans and cross-train their workforce. Attention to standards and "error-free" learning has increased reliance and compliance with the standard operating procedures and created dialogues around definitions of key standards. They also find increased satisfaction among employees and increased positive group dynamics.