What exactly is included in the Structured OJT Trainer Course?

TKG seeks to make your organization completely self-sufficient in the use of SOJT.  We offer a 3-day training course to train and certify your own OJT Trainers. Each person will receive a Participant's Manual for future reference and access to on-line LeanOJT™ for one year (renewable).  Upon successful completion of the course each of your OJT Trainers will receive a Certificate of Completion qualifying them to train or cross-train other employees.

The course includes Instructor Selection Test ® – which will help you select those employees who have the best potential to become excellent OJT Trainers.

Can we get a customized SOJT Trainer Course?

Yes. While the course presents all the skills needed by an SOJT Trainer, we remain flexible to modify the basic course to meet your needs.

Can we use the SOJT system for mentoring?

Yes. Mentor training involves trainee analysis and emphasis on communications skills. Mentoring is primarily used for management training, problem-solving skills, and the like, but it is also a necessary skill for supervisors and managers who want to help employees grow beyond their present positions. The SOJT Trainer Course focuses on teaching and coaching skills and, therefore, will develop your mentors.

What types of organizations can use the SOJT System?

All types. It can be used in any industry or type of business. In fact, in a number of instances, after it was initially used to train SOJT Trainers for production work, it was used to train OJT instructors for engineering, customer service, sales, and other white-collar jobs in the companies. It works equally well for all jobs in any company or agency.

Who will be certified after completing the course?

Those who are scheduled to become SOJT Trainers, and participate fully in the three-day  course, earn a SOJT Trainer Course Completion Certificate.

What is the cost of the SOJT Trainer Course?

The optimum delivery model depends on the specific needs of your company. TKG will be happy to assist you in evaluating your needs. Please contact us to learn more.

Does the Ketchum Group offer a free consultation? 

Yes. One of our experts will consult with you by phone at no cost to help recommend the best training solution to meet your organization's needs . Visit our Free Consultation page for more information.


Instructor Selection Test® is a registered trademark of Paradigm Training Systems, Inc.