Structured On-The-Job Training: Using SOJT to Train Employees

The Ketchum Group utilizes structured on the job training (SOJT) as our methodology, not only because it is internationally acclaimed and has been proven successful time and time again, but because we genuinely believe in it.

The traditional on-the-job training methods like peer-to-peer training and patchwork leader-to-subordinate methods are prone to human error and highly unreliable. Informal training lacks the structure necessary to ensure that every employee is properly trained, in a methodical and measurable way. 

It is the structure in SOJT that ensures fluidity and high productivity of employees—straight out of the gate. Our unique brand of SOJT will identify your top talent, then turn them into trainers and mentors via a proven method. 

Our SOJT model includes: on-site visits from training professionals, the re-usable materials that trainers need to succeed, and a quantifiable methodology to reaffirm your ROI success.

On-Site Visits

The success of the Ketchum Group SOJT formula lies in the ability to train your trainers on site. The Ketchum Group's Structured OJT Trainer Course delivers 3 days of on-site trainer training that can handle 6-12 participants—meaning that even when some employee turnover occurs you still have people on staff ready to assume the instructor role.

On-site training with the Ketchum Group consists of planning, teaching, and testing—which all combined make for an error-free training process.

Re-Usable Materials

Part of the structure in SOJT training is the materials that are provided that ensure that steps are followed, and re-followed. High-quality materials that last, and can be re-used, ensure that the training lasts—and that the trainers continue with SOJT. 

Quantifiable Methodology

With SOJT all of our instructors receive training on how to measure the success of the trainings via the Kirkpatrick Model for Training Evaluation. Our checklist-style process model ensures that training was effectively implemented and absorbed.

SOJT training ensures:

  • You put your best foot forward by selecting the best potential trainers, training them via a structured plan guaranteed to create results.
  • You have the materials that you need for on-going successful training.
  • Your trainers can deliver the highest quality in-house training, on demand.
  • Your company focuses on error-free learning.
  • You see the quantifiable benefits of your implemented SOJT solution.
  • An increase in productivity and quality of work.
  • Ensured job competency.
  • Job performance can be successfully measured and necessary changes implemented when necessary.
  • Preemptive training designed to give your staff the training they need—before issues arrive.
  • You reinforce work relationships between co-workers and their superiors.
  • Reduce mis-learning from informal peer-to-peer education sessions that transfer mistakes and errors.
  • An 80% increase in effectiveness with SOJT versus informal OJT—giving your employees time to work on their work.

Through Structured On the Job Training you can ensure competency of your employees via high-quality, results-oriented training. Through the use of on-site training, structured materials, and a quantifiable methodology you can ensure that your training is effective, provides ROI and supports on-going employee education campaigns.