The Benefits of Structured On The Job Training

Employee training is a critical step in ensuring that new employees hit the ground running, stay motivated and continue to perform optimally through their employee life-cycle. Using structured on the job training (SOJT) gives companies the ability to train thoroughly; and the agility to continue training on-demand. 

Informal OJT

It is common for companies to rely on informal on the job training in place of a more structured format. The reason is relying on Jane to train Sally seems cheaper and easier. This myth is a fallacy because SOJT is half the price of informal peer-to-peer training AND increases productivity, improves job satisfaction and decreases employee turnover and absenteeism.

Using informal training reinforces bad habits and creates gaps in information. New employees need thorough training; training that can only be taught via a structured training road map.

New Employee Training

The most critical point of any training is the initial training period when a new employee begins with a company. This crucial period will set the tone for their entire career there, and as such the training must be delivered properly. The use of informal peer-to-peer training in this stage can infect new employees with poor habits and malaise.

Using SOJT with new employees will ensure that they receive training every step of the way so that they can start developing good habits early on. SOJT will also reduce the training period by 80%--allowing you to utilize your new employee faster and with greater efficacy.

Continued Training

Once employees have settled into their job they can become complacent and disillusioned—and this is when mistakes are made. A SOJT program will not only train them right the first time, but will also target additional opportunities to identify leaders, increase motivation and improve job skills. Continued SOJT will also help brings teams together by building relationships, especially between supervisors and employees.

Periodic SOJT will help you identify mis-communications and mis-education which may have occurred via intermittent informal training sessions; informal training sessions that are likely occurring without your knowledge.

Benefits of SOJT

Using SOJT as a replacement for informal patchwork OJT will give you a sharp workforce, higher productivity and more, including: 

  • Greater efficiency from new employees who understand exactly what their roles entail.
  • Increased productivity throughout the employment life-cycle.
  • Higher customer satisfaction from dealing with trained employees that make few errors—which leads to greater revenue.
  • A time savings of 80%--time that can be used to begin work.
  • 50% savings on the cost of training once supervisor time and employee output is inputted.
  • An ability to easily become compliant with compliance programs such as ISO.
  • Lower employee turnover, higher job employee job satisfaction rates and a significant reduction in absenteeism.
  • Increased standardization that leads to consistency and error-free processes.

Using SOJT is cheaper, more effective and will save your company money and increase profits via customer satisfaction and increased productivity.